The smile on the outside is not always indicative of a smile on the inside. 

The key to achieving balance and abundance in life is to keep the light shining on the inside to indicate the reason for the smile on the outside.

So many people reflect happiness on the outside,  but if they were to tell you what is really going on they might say they are really in sadness or even chaos on the inside.

Life is meant to celebrate you and your creativity.  Life is meant for the light within you that is a lifetime guarantee to shine forth so as to manifest into the joy of your life experiences.

They may be times in your life when you are tempted to feel"stuck" or believe you are without the energy or financial means to make a positive change in your life.

There may be times in your life when you experience the illusion of "failure" where you see yourself as less than who you are or not achieving all that you desired in life.

There may be times in your life when you are overcome with the world's version of what "success " is and allow yourself to go into self sabotage because you believe you are not successful.

There may be times in your life when you feel nothing is working for you and why even try.

It is during those times that I must remind you that you are on the verge of your greatest achievements. 

You see there is a lower energy in this world that desires to steal your joy, happiness, success, confidence, creativity, health, abundance and magnificence of who you are. 

It during the times when you are on the path to your greatest accomplishments that these "voices in your head" or voices from outside of you come to take from you what is rightfully yours by convincing you to quit or give up. It attempts to convince you that there is no hope, that it is just the way things are or that you don't deserve better.

Know that this attempt by these lower energies to curtail or even destroy what you have been called to be and do is because they know how truly gifted you are and the powerful influence you can have in your life and in the world.

When these attempts to harm or destroy you come turn and say "no way". "I choose to be and have all that I am Divinely designed to be and have.  I walk in the light and in the light "darkness"  have no power in my life."

The power is in the light and when you choose to turn it on the smile on the outside will truly reflect the smile on the inside.

If you choose to have assistance in doing this I am available for in person assistance or by phone (732-224-8441)

You deserve happiness. 

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