An important key to self healing

A very important key to self healing is forgiveness.

For any healing, we begin by forgiving ourselves. When we forgive we open the door to the light to enjoy all the beauty, healing  and abundance  within our own lives.

We stop judging and blaming ourselves for the mistakes we make. We stop criticizing  ourselves for the errors that we make. We cease all self- condemnation. We stop rehashing the mistakes of the past.  We choose to live in the moment free of the burdens of the past.  We choose to stop living in a state of “would of”, “could of”, “should of”. Remove such words from your vocabulary they have no healing energetic value or benefit for you.

Often we blame ourselves based on man made standards of right and wrong that have no inherent truth or validity.

Forgiveness offers an excellent way to break free from these man made standards causing self-criticism and self blame that bring forth uneasiness and illness within your being.

Say no to the blame and self criticism and remind yourself of the inherent value within you. You are amazing, gifted, talented, powerful being aligned with the Divine light that is abundant with healing.

Asking for forgiveness from ourselves or others brings about a healing attitude and intention.  When you put forth a forgiving intention you put forth your will,  which sets into motion the vibration of healing. When we forgive we elevate the Divine light within us from which all healing, abundance, love and joy abide. We become that light and that light has immense power for healing in our lives.

Choosing to free yourself of the burden of criticism and blame for yourself and others opens the door to the unlimited healing and abundance designed for you.

There is freedom in forgiveness to be the amazing, magnificent, prosperous being of greatness that you have been designed to be.

Begin today to forgive all and anything in your life that burdens you and you will experience the “being of greatness” that you are.

Much love and light,



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