Being - The Light

                                                  ​BEING THE LIGHT

      Aura D'Amato's Angels Guided Healing 

                                    What is Angels Guided Healing?

Angels Guided Healing is divinely centered and angel guided healing that helps a person to access the power and loving divine connection within one's own being to bring forth love and healing in all areas of life.

It can help to create a calm, joyful, peaceful and well state of being.

During an Angels Guided Healing Session angelic messages of love and insight may occur and healing may take place as you relax in a flow of healing love.  You may gain insight, a renewed sense of  inner peace, calmness and joy, or a physical , mental or spiritual healing. 

                        During an Angels Guided Healing Session  God's Divine love  may bring       forth changes in:

Your physical Health & Well Being
Your Mental, Emotional & Spiritual State
Your Personal & Professional Relationships
Your Finances & Career
Your Stress, Anxiety & Past Traumas

Through conference call and skype you can connect with Aura from any part of the world

Angels Guided Healing