The “Angel Of Love” Painting

    On the cover of my book

        Angels Share The Power Of I Love Me

The painting on the cover of my book Angels Share The Power Of I Love Me is called “Angel Of Love.” It was Divinely inspired by the angels. It became a work of art through the artistic talent of its painter, Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan. It was through Divine and angel intervention that Eva and I met. I had asked the angels for guidance on which angel picture to use for the cover of this book. One day, while scrolling through angel pictures on the computer, an angel painted by Eva popped up on my screen along with a link to her website. After reading about Eva on her website, viewing her gallery of pictures, and asking for Divine guidance, I felt assured that Eva had been chosen to paint the

“Angel Of Love” painting. I contacted Eva and shared with her that I was publishing a book of angel messages that had been Divinely given to me. I told Eva I was given angelic guidance that described what the angel picture on the cover of the book was to look like. Eva enthusiastically agreed to be a part of this Divine process. It was then that I commissioned her to paint the “Angel Of Love” painting.

                                   Eva’s Comments About

                               “The Angel Of Love” Painting

“This painting was a work of love between the angels, Aura and myself. I am deeply honored to have been chosen to paint the ‘Angel Of Love’ and I gladly accepted the direction that the angels gave me through Aura’s vision.

Inspiration for the painting came in many ways. I relied on prayer, meditation and trust. When I picked a canvas for the painting, the angels seemed to say, I would need more room, so I chose a larger canvas. With the added space of the new, larger canvas, something miraculous happened. The rays of love that sweep up from the angel’s heart to the Divine symbol above the crown of the angel formed a heart! The heart was never planned, but appeared as I finished the painting. The heart symbolizes what the painting is about - Divine Love.

The sparkles and starbursts in the painting are symbolic of the many legions of angels that are with us to meet all of our needs. The circles with symbols are called Light Language. They were painted with the highest intention to bring forth Divine love, healing, clarity, wisdom and peace. Their purpose is to help
awaken these Divine intentions within the heart of the viewer. I mixed three types of Quartz Crystal into the paint- Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz to bring forth the highest vibration of Divine love.

The symbol within the angel’s heart was specifically designed with guidance from the angels. This symbol holds blessings and frequencies as they were given to Aura to send forth love, healing, wisdom, peace, joy and inspiration to those who view the painting.”

May blessings go forth to all,

Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan


                                   What The Angels Revealed About


                                           “The Angel Of Love” Painting

The “Angel Of Love” painting came about through Divine guidance and intervention. While writing this book, I received an angelic message that the angel picture on the front of this book would have a profound and powerful affect upon those who viewed it and upon the world.

I was given specific directions on what the angel picture would entail. The rays of light colors within the picture represent the vibrant white light of God and the colors of the seven Archangels Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Zadkiel. The angel’s face is a neutral face with features and characteristics of people from all walks of life. There are Divinely inspired symbols in the painting designed to hold the vibrancy of God’s healing love, power, wisdom, peace, inspiration, and joy. Above the crown of the angel’s head is the symbol of the Divinity of God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The vibrant white light of God flows from the crown of the angel’s head and bursts forth in colorful rays of light through the angel’s heart, and back to the crown forming a heart shape.

The formation of the heart in this painting was not planned nor did the painter design it with intention. The heart took on form upon the completion of the painting through angelic intervention. It was Divinely given to assure all who viewed this painting that God’s love is within your heart. The message being shared through this painting is that each of us is created from God’s love, and we have the power of God’s love, and the companionship of angels with us always.

When you view this painting, see yourself surrounded by the love of God and His ministering angels. Allow God’s vibrant white light to flow from the crown of your head down through your heart and back to the symbol of the Divinity of God at your crown. Repeat these words, “I love me.” As you do so, God’s healing light and love will flow in and through you. This is symbolic of God’s Divine love that flows from God within each of us bringing forth God’s power.

May love go forth through “The Angel Of Love” painting and through these angelic messages to bring God’s love and healing to you and to the world.

Divine blessings and love to all,
Aura D’Amato