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          Free Angels Guided Conference Calls​

During these Angel Guided Conference Calls Aura calls forth Divine intervention to share angelic messages of love, healing, abundance, spiritual guidance and much more.  

Each call is unique based upon what the angels want to share with you.  All calls are done with the intention to empower the listener for love, peace and healing to go forth. 


Angels Guided Healing Group Event

                         Comments from my previous calls:
"Thank you so much for the playback number. I was able to listen to the whole message last night when the house was very quiet. It was very powerful and was just what I needed to hear, especially in these times of so much negativity! It brought much needed hope for us all!"


"Your Angel conference call was Awesome!

 " Wow your Angel conference call was Awesome!" 

"These Angel messages are changing my life."

" After I listened to the messages you shared during the call  I felt so uplifted!"

"These messages are just what I needed. I was feeling very fearful and now I know what to do!"

"Thank you for sharing these angel messages. I was having a problem with a family member and I began sending Divine white light.  I feel much calmer about the situation."


"Thank you for these angel messages. They are what I needed during a very difficult time in my life." 

"The messages from your angel calls have taken full effect in my life! I am pouring Divine light and love out into the world and have received back an abundance of blessings!  Holy Ground!"

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Upcoming Angels Guided Conference Call 

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I host Divinely inspired angels guided healing events to call upon God's ministering angels to bring more love, healing and abundance in all manners and ways into your life. 

In this tranquil and blissful setting you will be guided on how to receive all the treasures of mind, body and spirit that have been designed for you

Hosted by Aura D'Amato with angelic assistance
At Renaissance The Studio 
8 East Front Street, Suite 2, Red Bank, NJ 
( Complementary parking across the street )

$50 donation includes a free class at the 
Renaissance Studio ($25.00 value) 
(Choose from Pilates, Yoga, Cardio Strength, bodyART, Barre)

Limited seating 

We will join together with our angel companions for a holistic approach to healing of mind, body and spirit that will include prayer, angels guided healing, angelic messages, and dancing (or sitting if you choose ) to uplifting music that will incorporate the healing techniques of reflexology,  Divine life source energy,

and angelic assistance for help with:

*Mental, spiritual and physical healing
* Fat reduction and weight balancing
* Boosting the immune system to include lymphatic drainage
* Balancing of energy and chakras
* Activation of endorphins for feelings of welling being, calmness, joy, love 
  and peace of mind to help release worry, anxiety, fear and depression
Energizing the endocrine glands for hormone balancing and to send energy to all the systems, organs and cells in the body.
Angelic messages as they are given

To reserve your place 

Contact Aura at 732-224-8441 
email aura at 

What if you could receive more .....
Of the abundant treasures that have been designed for you
Experience more love, joy, healing, companionship and prosperity
Receive angelic guidance on what path to walk in your life to be more successful and to fulfill your life's mission  
Release your stress, anxiety, worry and fear 
Experience healing in your relationships;
Financial prosperity;
Abundance in all manners; 

What if you could receive more......

You are invited to join with us for time spent in relaxation, healing and joy.

Everything is possible when you call upon God and your angels. 
And So It Is. 

For more information or to reserve your place visit
contact me at 732-224-8441

 Angels Guided Healing Group Event

Is time set aside for you to ask your angels to assist you in any area of your life. The angles' can Divinely guide you and intervene in your life to bring positive changes to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of being. They can guide you in your relationships and financial matters. They can show you the magnificence within you and how to bring forth that magnificence in your life. Angels want to communicate with you and bring joy to your life. With their help, you  can learn how to live a much more joyful life without holding onto worry, stress, fear, anxiety or guilt. Angels come to empower you, to show you your life's purpose and to help you to have victory in your life. As you walk your journey in the light with your Angels, you can experience God's love and power in your life.​​