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Power in The Light of God

   Message from the angels

Angelic message " You deserve every good thing in life. Accept your designated place in God's kingdom & allow His treasures to flow upon you."




​Archangel Michael comes to shine the light of 

God's protection upon you 

In the midst of turmoil and confusion return to the comfort and safety of the light of God within you and send it forth. In the light the power of God resides and all that is not of the light shall be overcome.  Call upon us for we come to assist you. 


        Overcoming Terror and Fear


The Food We Eat Can Bring Healing To Our Bodies

                                 A  Healing Grace Prayer                                       

​​                                  ​Four 

      Your Prayers Are Being Answered

Through the love of Jesus and our angelic companions I was given  the following message and truths about

how to overcome sadness, despair depression, anxiety and fear. 

"That which brings forth sadness, despair, depression, anxiety and fear is a false voice.

God is the voice of the light and when you call upon the presence of God's light you shall overcome the false voices and energies.   In each moment you can call  forth the power of God's light  and be free of the false

voices  and energies that come to steal your power and joy.    

Speak these words of victory and the light shall enfold you with love and joy:

I call upon the power of God's light to enfold my being and to cast out all false voices, spirits or energies.

I am one with the power of God's light. In the light I am victorious and I walk in a spirit of joy.

Joyfully I say it is so and God reigns in me."


                       The Power Of God's Light

​     Overcoming sadness, despair, depression, anxiety  and fear


          Receiving the blessings and treasures God has designed for you

This Blog is Divinely inspired from the love and messages of Jesus and the Angels as sent forth from God.

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Painting of Jesus by Nicholas DiLeva, my dad.

Angel of Love painting from my book

" Angel Share The Power Of I Love Me

and How it can Change Your Life and the World "

The artwork and paintings are the sacred visionary art of


That which seeks to bring fear upon you and the world in thought, word or deed is of the lower energy. As a Child Of God you have the light within you and upon you to overcome all lower energies,  false voices and fears.  Give them no authority in your life.  You have angels to assist you.

                                  Speak these words of victory:

As a Child Of God I call forth the presence of God's light and angelic assistance upon me and upon this world. In God's light all forms of fear or terror shall be overcome. I walk always in the power of God's light.

 I am loved, protected and in joy. The light of God enfolds me, surrounds me and lives within me. No evil shall befall me for to His angels God has given command to shine forth the power of His light and to protect me in all my ways. 

​                                                     And so it is.

​​ Through the love of Jesus and our angelic companions I was given the following message and truths  about the food we eat and how it can bring healing to the body. 

"The food of the earth has been given to nourish your body. When you partake in this food with love and gratitude it magnifies the gifts of God's healing power. What you choose to nourish your body with and the intention to which you do so enlivens the body with remembrance of the healing within it. Take up your place at the table of the Lord and call forth God's presence and your body shall manifest the healing within. 

                                                     A Healing Grace Prayer

" I   join with the presence of God's love at this meal. Bless this food Oh Lord with the sustenance of life and bring to fruition all your bountiful treasures for me. "
As you bring  remembrance of God's presence and love  in the food that you eat  your body will respond and that which is consumed will bring the sustenance of life. " 

 Through the love of Jesus and our angelic companions I was given the following message and truths to all believers.  

"The time is here to pronounce your love of God and to call forth God's love in all that you do.  There are forces of evil and deceit that are attempting to sway your belief in the love of God within you and within the world.  

                          We angels come to remind you of the truths.

With the love of Jesus we come to satisfy your longing for peace and happiness. We come to be your confidant and to align you with the power of God's love and healing.  

In this moment there is healing for you and within you is the Divine seed for healing.  We now call forth that seed to blossom and be empowered for your good.  Look not to the fear that sets forth untruths but to the love beholden within you."  

I, Archangel Michael and the legion of angels come to shine a light of protection upon you. No evil shall befall you nor affection come upon you as you take up God's shield of protection. 

                          Angelic Prayer For Protection

I call forth the protection of God's light, the love of Jesus and the protective shield of Archangel Michael and the mighty angel armies upon me and upon this world.

                                                   And so it is.

The angelic message though the love of Jesus has gone forth.   

Walk in Gratitude 

       Your prayers are being answered.

Your healing is at hand.  ​​