Have you ever had a voice that took residence inside your head that criticized you or told you that you could not do it? If so, you are meant to read this.

So……… Have you ever had a voice that took residence inside your head that criticized you and told you that you could not do it? A voice that said that you were not  good enough, smart enough, talented enough, rich enough, connected enough or loved enough? Do you have a voice that judges what you do and who you are?  It is time to remove that critic, complainer and downer voice within you that stresses you out. It is time to turn on the soul light switch.

We all have been tested by these inner voices that sometimes get us off track and into a state of being that is totally unproductive and even harmful to our being. I used to have this inner critic that would cause me to question my own worth and my own contribution to this world.

Guess what?

I asked my inner soul voice for assistance and something wonderful happened.  The people, information and guidance I needed to alter my thinking and my path came to be.

How did this happen?  How did I open my vibration for assistance and magically it appeared? How did I connect to the soul voice rather than the critic voice to change my life?

I got connected to that light within me that was always there,  but I was constantly turning off the switch listening to these critic voices within my head.  So I just decided to turned on the soul light switch. I decided to give attention to the mightiest connection within us all, which is our soul connection.  I came to understand that the trove of unlimited possibilities and power was right within me and all I needed to do was to turn on the light switch.

I went within and asked for help.

I asked my inner light voice through my soul connection to become my friend.  Now you may be thinking that this sounds quaky and unattainable for you.  That critic voice within your head is saying “hogwash” you can’t have it so easy as to turn on the light switch to your soul connection and your dreams and desires can come to be.

Well let me tell you that you most assuredly can!!!!

That inner light voice is bubbling over waiting to assist you.  It is like you have a treasure trove of abundance in all manners and ways just waiting for you to accept them.  You have the key to unlock this treasure trove.  It all exists within you.  

I started taking time to listen to my inner voice and to visualize the existence of all that I needed and wanted.  You can call this a form of meditation that is Divinely magical and so easy to do. I started to choose to turn on the light switch each day to this inner light.

Now that voice inside may be saying  you can’t connect to a light voice and be a possibility believer. You not blah blah blah blah……… Yes, I have heard that voice and I have ejected it from my being.  Who gave that voice the right to take up residence in our being to cause havoc in our life?  What possible good can come from these unwanted voices of negativity?

Let them go. Send them packing. You can do it.  I know because I did.

I began to spend time asking within myself what it was I wanted. I spent time with me in what might be called meditation.  Well let me tell you meditation does work.  My form of meditation is me calling into being the powerful Divine assistance within me and visualizing it’s healing power. I started to become a light connection to this inner power and consciously turned on the light switch each day. You can too.

That is when the freedom, joy and healing became my daily routine.  The freedom to be me. I was accepting the me that God created with all my gifts and all my shortcomings all wrapped up in one package that is beautiful, loving and even magical.  I could understand that the shortcomings that I thought were so negative actually were my point of seeing the contrast in the goodness about me.  I realized that within every experience we have the choice to connect to our inner light and see the possibilities that exist.

Are you feeling less that who you are created to be?  Are you feeling tired, worn out and just want a new direction in your life or in your career? Do you wake up or want to wake up each day with joy about the day and feeling vibrant in health, mind and spirit? The voices in your head may be giving you  a bunch of ” static clutter”. Static clutter are thoughts that randomly come into your thinking that clutter your happiness, joy, health, abundance, self fulfillment and much more.  That clutter steals your energy and keeps you from visualizing your greatness and possibilities in life.  Guess what……. it is just “clutter” and clutter can be removed and thrown away. 

Yes,  you can throw away those clutter thoughts that are taking up residence in your head and thoughts that are harming you.

The voices in your head may be constantly stealing your energy and power and there is a way out.  There is a way to embrace all the possibilities of being you and what you can do and achieve.

You can tap into that soul power within your heart essence and you can change your life.  

You can love you and bring abundant love to you.

In the book that I wrote called Angels Share The Power Of I Love Me and How It Can Change Your Life and the World it tells of the importance of loving yourself.  To love others and to honor the Divine within you it is important to first love yourself.  “I Love Me” is statement that can and will change your life.

Here is an easy way to connect with the Divine light within you to help you to love yourself more, connect to your soul light and to experience the gifts and healing power within you:

Choose one thing within your life that you want to change, improve, heal or feel better about.  Sit quietly where there are no distractions.  Breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly three times.  Visualize turning on your light switch to your soul connection and the Divine love within you.  Just see yourself turning on the switch.  Now visualize a Divine Light beam flowing through your crown into your heart essence and turning on and empowering your soul light connection.  See the light vibrating and expanding within your heart and overflowing into your being and out into your world.  Visualize all the trove of gifts in wisdom, happiness, love, health and abundance flowing freely and Divinely through this light connection into your being and into your existence.  Visualize yourself connecting to all the people, places, situations, events and light beings or what I call angels coming to assist you.  Allow yourself the freedom to accept you as a perfect package of Divine essence.  Allow yourself to accept the joy of just being you and all the gifts you have to share.  Visualize the Divine light flowing through you and awakening all the possibilities of being you.  Visualize that which you wanted to change being healed and changed for the good. Breathe it all in and visualize the Divine presence of the light within you.  Choose to tell the critic voices in your head that they have been ejected and no longer are allowed residence in your being.  Fill that space with Divine light.  Repeat, I choose to connect with my Divine soul connection of light and I choose to allow all the gifts of happiness, wisdom, joy, love, healing and abundance to align with me and to flow easily and with power into my being and into my life.  Accept in gratitude that it is done.  Repeat and so it is.  Whew…..that was Divinely magical. 

Your life is changing for the good in this very moment!!!

Your internal self talk is creating your reality.  Every thought you have is going forth and attracting things towards you.

You can now clear out the clutter in your thoughts and  create new thoughts and ways of doing things to help create what you DO want and not what you don’t want.

You can manifest all the gifts designed within you and what you choose to accept and think can change your life for the good.  A thought is just a thought until we give it power through our acceptance.  Choose the thoughts that are within your soul connection and the possibilities for experiencing all the gifts designed for you are unlimited.

Believe in yourself and the light power within you and you will be UNSTOPPABLE

If you are looking to experience more in your life and to allow this inner light to expand for abundance in all manners and ways,  I offer soul coaching by phone or in person.

If you want to be part of our community journey toward higher self love and self power subscribe to my blog and send me your email. 

Yes, we can do it together!

Love to all





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