Removing the hedges in your life

We have lived in our home for many years and have gone through many updates in the process.  Until recently we had ivy and hedges covering the fence around our pool. it was one thing we did not want to change.  We liked it for a number of reasons….some reasons so we thought were beneficial for protection.  Little did we know….. what we were using as hedges were causing some of our problems.

We thought by having this greenery enclosure we could keep unwanted chip monks, rabbits etc from falling and dying in our pool.  What we found was that the hedges and ivy were actually creating our problem.  Animals and insects were living in this growth around the fence and instead of keeping them out it was inviting them to live there.

A blessing that occurred is that the deer that also come and stay in our yard were eating this growth around the fence and there was becoming large holes showing a rusted discolored 30 year old fence.  We decided it was time to remove all this greenery and the old fence. We decided to let go of our hedge barrier! O boy how was that going to work out?

While at first I was annoyed that the deer were eating away at the greenery covering I began to realize that they were coming to show us a better way of living.

You see the hedges were not only creating a home for the insects and animals,  but it had large areas of poison ivy. Since I am the one who enjoys working in the yard and planting flowers it would have been me subject to getting the poison ivy along with the ticks that may have been there from the deer.

What seemed like a problem with the deer eating away at our fence covering was truly a big blessing. Sometimes what seems as a bad thing in our life is actually the best blessing and often is the change in our path leading us to our greatest victories.

Sometimes in life we believe that we need a hedge around us for protection and we hide or go into a stuck mode not to take a chance at being seen or going down a different path.  Just like what happened in our yard when we decided to let go of what we thought was a protection it was then that we let go of all of the things we were trying to avoid.

As you can see in this picture we put in a black fence with no covering,  but mere small openings. It has not only helped to keep the animals and insects away from our yard,  but it has invited birds to come perch on the fence.

We have many birds that now come to visit. Two of the birds that are cardinals come by daily and when a chip monk tries to run into the pool area they swoop down and chase them away.  This is one of the best blessings!! One of my biggest concerns and you might call a fear was finding dead chip monks in the pool skimmer that I would have to pull out. This has happened many times in the past.  By removing the hedges around the pool we have actually not had this happen once this year.

Do you have a hedge around you that you think is protecting you?

Do you put up barriers or keep yourself from enjoying the freedom of being seen because you think it is protecting you?

Some of those barriers we put up we think keep us from being rejected, criticized, made fun of but really keep us from being the abundant, creative person we are created to be.

Like me you may have put these barriers around you for what you thought would keep you safe.  What I learned is that barriers bring hidden problems and rather than keeping you protected it  keeps you from enjoying the beauty in life.

I now am enjoying my yard more that ever before and because the home for insects and animals is now gone I now sit on a bench that has become my angelic inspirational bench.It is there that I receive many of my inspirational messages. Who would have thought?

Sometimes you just have to let go of and tear down those barriers that you think are keeping you safe because there is so much waiting to bring you joy and happiness.

What barriers are you holding on to?

I have had a connection to Divine information and angelic messages for years.  I have often put a barrier around myself not to be seen because I thought it would somehow protect me.

When my programs that I created would get ” too known or big”  I would often run and hide behind the hedges. I now realize that hiding behind a hedge in my life is not beneficial for me or anyone else.

When God chooses to use you it is for the benefit of sharing His love and healing with others.  Someone may need you to even keep going in life.  Those voices in our heads that tell us to run and hide come because they know how truly powerful we are and if we were to accept that Divine power within we would make enormous positive changes in life.

I am in gratitude to have learned this powerful message even if it took me a long time to process it.

I am choosing to allow myself to be “seen” and to share the gifts of the spirit as they are given to me.

If you would like to be more empowered and to hear from your angels I offer angel guided healing sessions and angel messages.  You can work with me by phone and ask your own questions. You can also follow my blog or listen to my free podcasts on my website. Our Divine angelic beings that are sent to assist us and be our companions are overjoyed when they are called upon.  This I know for sure.

I have been amazed just how much God wants us to be healthy, happy and shining our light and the lengths our angels go to assist us.  It is not something for only a few,  but for each person.

You are that person who God is aligning with and even during the challenging times that Divine love and light is always there.

Set your self free and remove the hedges in your life.  The freedom will be exhilarating and healing.

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