Services Offered

Relieve Pain & Promote Healing

Relieve Stress,Tension & Depression

Induce Relaxation

Support the Immune System
Increase and Balance Energy
Balance Hormones
Weight Loss
Fertility & Menstrual Disorder
Relieve Addictions
Promote Healing from Surgery
Improve Circulation
Promote Healing From Injuries

Promote Beauty and Vitality

Cancer & Tumors

Side Affects of chemo
The body eliminate toxins
Promote Lymphatic Drainage
Neck, Back and Sciatica
Asthma and Allergies
Headache and Migraines
Chronic Fatigue
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Improve Athletic Performance

Improve the overall functioning of

the body

Angels Guided Healing Sessions

Aura Describes & Shares the Health Benefits of  These Sessions

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a powerful and effective non touch form of healing using our life force energy to facilitate the healing process within the body. Aura has been trained to scan the body through a no touch hand technique that can detect blockages, congestion or depleted energy in the life force energy of the body.

Energy Healing  promotes a peaceful state of mind, helps to dissolve stress and tension, and corrects energetic imbalances that are underlying causes of illness. As  healing energy flows to all the organs and life systems of the body it helps to restore balance,  promotes relaxation, reduces muscle tension, relieves stress and empowers the body to heal itself.

What is Angels Guided Healing?

Angels Guided Healing is divinely centered healing using God's rays of healing colors through His Angel Messengers of Love that can promote healing within every part of one's physical, mental, spiritual and emotional being.  It helps to create a calm, joyful, peaceful and well state of being.

During an Angels Guided Healing Session messages of love and insight may occur as you relax in a flow of healing love.  The intention of these sessions is for you to connect with that higher power within you through the assistance of Angels to allow for the release of anxiety, tension, fears, physical and mental blockages, past traumas and negative connections, which may be underlying causes of illness.

Angels Guided Healing Sessions can bring forth healing into any area of your life, which may include:

Your physical Health & Well Being
Your Mental, Emotional & Spiritual State
Your Personal & Professional Relationships
Your Finances & Career
Your Stress, Anxiety & Past Traumas

Distant Angels Guided & Energy Healing

Distant Angels Guided & Energy Healing can be done remotely over the phone for healing energies can go forth to a person in any place and even across the world.

Angels Guided Healing is also done in a Reflexology and Energy Healing Session for the power of Divine Healing is always received with gratitude. Healing sessions are done to support and promote a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It is a natural and non invasive approach to healing and well being.

What happens in a Reflexology & Energy Healing  Session?

During a session you lay on a massage table with your shoes and socks off listening to peaceful music.  Relaxation & stress release techniques are applied to create a healing sense of calmness, reduce the effects of stress and enhance well being.

Energy Healing is a non touch form of healing that Aura has been trained in that allows her to scan the body with her hands to detect where you are congested or depleted in energy. Energy Healing is then released to promote balance to those areas and to bring healing to the body and mind.

To continue the process of healing, Reflexology is applied to the feet and or hands through pressure on the reflex points that connect to the parts and systems of the body.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy in which the whole body is treated through the reflexes on the feet or hands.. This form of healing is very relaxing and people very often fall asleep during the session.

It can benefit people of all ages with any type of condition.

Who does Angels Guided  Healing, Reflexology and Energy Healing Help?

Angels Guided, Reflexology and Energy Healing can help just about everyone, from babies to the elderly, to those who are sick or just desiring to maintain their health.

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