What someone thinks of you is not your concern and really doesn’t matter. Let go of energy vampires

This post is a message from my heart. It is a message of encouragement and life changing view of life.

There are times in our lives when people come into our experience who I would call ENERGY VAMPIRES. These are people who attempt to steal your positive energy, self esteem, self confidence, love , joy health and much more.

These types of people can come in all walks of life. They often have the intention to make others feel inadequate in the face of what they attempt to show as their greatness or position in life.

What do you do when you are working for someone who demonstrates the characteristics of a Energy Vampire? What do you do when you are interviewing for a job and the person interviewing you is bragging about how great they are and how inadequate you are? What do you do when you are in a relationship with someone who is always bringing you down or making you feel less than who you are? What do you do when you are in a job where there is constant negativity toward you?

In the face of darkness you turn up the light for in the light the darkness can not be.

What Energy Vampires think of you is really none of your concern. These Energy Vampires do not determine your destiny in life for they are mere humans with their own struggles. You can be and achieve anything. Just because you may not be where you had hoped to be doesn’t mean you are not on the right path or that your victory is not just around the corner.

Working in the holistic field I assist people with their healing of mind, body and spirit. I often hear how someone else’s view has so negatively impacted their lives. I remind them that what someone else thinks of then is not their concern or something to focus on. What God thinks of you is what matters and God says you are loved, prosperous, well and in the palm of His hand.

I have found that people who are constantly bragging of their greatness are not role models for greatness.

Bragging about your own greatness doesn’t make you great, but helping others to see the greatness in themselves will make you great.

Greatness is not in boasting of your own greatness, but in making others see the greatness in themselves.

I am one who believes in the inherent worth of each individual and have the wisdom to understand that each individual is on their own journey. How someone chooses to walk their journey may not be how I would walk mine, but I would not be so confused or lacking in respect for others to have to put them down or make statements that indicate I am better than them.

For all those who have been disrespected by people who think they are better than others shake off their energy and move forward. Let go of these Energy Vampires.

There is something called Karma that what you put out into the world comes back around to you. The person who is criticizing you today may be someone who will need your assistance in the future for their own livelihood. There is some wise advice that says “Don’t burn your bridges because you may need that bridge to survive.”

Today I call upon the forces of angelic light to go forth and to assist those who are in situations where they feel inferior, mistreated, disrespected or harmed in any way. And so it is.

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