Welcome, my name is Aura D’Amato


I am sharing my Exciting News…. I am launching my live YouTube channel this week.

I am offering my support through angelic guidance for you to be the Happiest, Healthiest and most Joyful version of yourself and to manifest the unlimited possibilities in your life.

How often do you laugh?

Do you wake up each day feeling joy for your life?

Are you spending time honoring and loving you?

Are you living that dream within your heart of what you have been called to do?

Do you know that feeling better, healthier and happier is what is designed for you?

Yes, you

Let’s start with that understanding and from there we begin.

I am here to encourage you to create a more meaningful, happy, healthy, and abundant life for yourself… the time line Divinely designed for you. I am here to share the messages your angels want to reveal to you.

There is an  inseparable unity between spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

As a reflexologist and energy healing practitioner I understand how everything is connected within the physical body and by pressing points on one part of the body it can open up blockages and send healing energy into other parts of the body. I also understand how the energy around you affects your physical and mental health.


By balancing your energy you can release blockages.

As someone who communicates angelic messages I also understand how our health is affected by the mind and spirit.

I am here to help you to empower your mind, body and spirit for your well being and to share what messages your angel has for you.

Join me to manifest the unlimited possibilities in your life.

You can watch me live on my YouTube Channel in the coming week at the following link:

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You are invited to join me for a time of healing, fun and positive vibes.



Angelic Message for 2019
The formation of THE GOD SQUAD 1
to bring forth Divine Light for
healing and abundance.


Each day is a new beginning for you

You have a Divine light within you connected to

God’s source
of all love, power, healing and abundance
that you can access in each moment. 

It is  your link to receive the treasures that God

has designed for you. You can let go of the

burdens you have carried, let go of the past

                   and live a life with ease and joy.                                 


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Next Steps…

Would you like to take part in a Divinely guided holistic healing session and align with the Healing light, love and power within you?

Your angel is waiting in this moment to assist you,converse with you,  answer your questions and give to you insight into solving your problems.

Today you can experience a life changing moment

Angel pictures are created by
Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan

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