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Hi my name is Aura D’Amato
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Welcome, my name is Aura D’Amato

There is a light within all of us that is connected to Divine love and power. When we choose to shine our light miraculous things can happen. Let your light shine so that all can see your flame.

For your healing and abundance I offer life coaching that includes messages from your angels to assist you in experiencing all the Divine treasures that have been designed for you

As a certified & experienced reflexologist with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and fitness industry I offer Holistic Therapy that includes reflexology, energy healing, light therapy and Divine intervention for healing of body, mind & spirit. I have personally practiced homeopathy for over 20 years. I share angelic messages as they are given to me for your joy and well being.

You can be the Happiest, Healthiest and most Joyful version of yourself with unlimited possibilities in your life.

While using the healing techniques of reflexology, energy healing and healing light therapy I call upon angelic intervention and light therapy for health and well being. It is called Angels Guided Healing. During this time your angel may share messages with you for your well being.    

Whether you are an athlete or wanting to improve or stay in health holistic forms of therapy can assist you to relieve pain, overcome injuries faster, help to heal sprains and broken bones, bring balance to the body, energize the immune system and organs for vital functioning, relax the mind and bring forth healing.

I am an author currently practicing at Holmdel Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Center in Holmdel, NJ. “At the Center we are a small group of well-trained, very experienced, dedicated professional New Jersey acupuncture specialists and NJ holistic medicine experts who strongly believe in the wholesomeness of each individual and the inseparable unity between spiritual, emotional, and physical health. The mission of the center is to improve peoples lives through non -invasive modalities. As a reflexologist & energy healing practitioner I have treated along with the other practitioners at the center almost all health conditions for improved health and well being.”

I offer appointments at the Center an by phone at your convenience. If you would like an appointment for a session. I can be reached at 732-224-8441 or at aura.damato@gmail.com. I invite you to subscribe to my blog and YouTube Channel.

Angels Share The Power of I Love Me and How It Can Change Your Life and the World by Movie 2

What is Healing Light Therapy ?
Healing Light Therapy is an energy therapy in which you call upon Divine healing light in a heart-centered and purposeful way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
Healing Light Therapy connects with the healing energy through the heart and soul consciousness as a healing energy approach to health and well being.

Healing Light Energy uses the gift of Divine Light connection to bring forth healing to the human energy system, the energy field that surrounds the body (Aura) , and the energy centers within the physical body. It also can remove blockages in mind, body and spirit that may be the underlining causes of illness.

These non-invasive techniques assist in clearing, energizing, and balancing the energy fields, allowing for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is based on the premise that we all have a Divine connection to healing light and love and by connecting to this Divine connection it can restore and bring forth healing to the body, mind and spirit.
The intention of Healing Light Therapy is to restore balance and harmony in the energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual systems, allowing the individual to heal from within. It supports the self- healing process of healing the whole body in mind, body and spirit. It is can be used in collaboration with conventional health care and alternative forms of healing.


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LAST STREAM April 8, 2019 at 8:00 PM EST How to POSITIVELY Change Your life In 6 Minutes each day




Each day is a new beginning for you

You can let go of the

burdens you have carried, let go of the past, release blockages

                   and live a life with ease and joy.                                 


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Your angel is waiting in this moment to assist you,converse with you,  answer your questions and give to you insight into solving your problems.

Today you can experience a life changing moment

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