Welcome, my name is Aura D’Amato

I am a Certified Reflexologist who calls upon Divine light
for healing and abundance in all manners and ways.
I share angelic messages received for you.

Angelic Message for 2019

The formation of THE GOD SQUAD 1
to bring forth Divine Light for
healing and abundance.


Each day is a new beginning for you

You have a Divine light within you connected to God’s source
of all love, power, healing and abundance
that you can access in each moment.

It is  your link to receive the treasures that God has designed for you

You can let go of the burdens you have carried, let go of the past and live a life with ease and joy. 

 You can be the happiest, healthiest and most joyful version of yourself

Your angel is waiting in this moment to assist you,
converse with you,  answer your questions
and give to you insight into solving your problems.

Today you can experience a life changing moment

It is your choice and I offer my assistance

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Angel pictures are created by
Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan

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